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Our objective

Our goal is to provide the highest level of medical care to patients and a better quality of life through the use of cannabis as medicine. The doctors who work with the Cannabis Resource Center are dedicated to helping patients find an effective treatment for chronic diseases by the use of prescriptions of cannabis and medical marijuana. Cannabis Resource Center is dedicated to the education of patients, physicians, and the community about advance research in the field of medical marijuana. Interested patients should contact us by phone at: 1-844-767-9333 or email: info@crcquebec.com

How can I get an appointment with CRC Québec?

Go to the Apply Now tab or click the Apply now button in the top right corner and complete the application form for patients. A staff member will contact you within 7-10 days, to discuss your application and how to obtain the necessary medical records to determine if you are eligible to possess marijuana for medical purposes

What is the next step?

Once we receive your medical records they will be processed by our CRC Québec staff. This can take up to two weeks. A member of our CRC Québec staff will contact you by phone. If the medical records are satisfactory for a discussion with a physician, the staff conducts a 5-7 minute interview. Medical records and answers to questions from CRC Québec staff will be transferred to one of the doctors affiliated with CRC Québec for review. The examination by the doctor will determine if you qualify for an appointment. An appointment is given only to patients whose medical records indicate that they have a valid medical reason to use marijuana. Qualified applicants will be processed in the order that their files have been received and examined.

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